Pastor Ole Paulson Autobiography – Contents



Pastor Ole Paulson Autobiography


Table of Contents

Pastor Ole Paulson

Pastor Ole Paulson Autobiography – Reminiscences of Pastor Ole Paulson

Foreward – by Sven Oftedal

Chapter One – Journey to America

Chapter Two – Norwegian Settlements; 1850s

Chapter Three – Church Conflict

Chapter Four – Life in the Sawmills

Chapter Five – Journey to Iowa

Chapter Eight – Carver County, Minnesota

Chapter Eleven – The Scandinavian Augustana Synod

Chapter Twelve – Augustana College and Seminary

Chapter Thirteen – 1862; The Civil War

Chapter Seventeen – 1863; Service in St. Louis

Chapter Eighteen – 1866; Farm Life

Chapter Nineteen – 1867; Paxton, Illinois

Chapter Twenty – 1868; Minneapolis

Chapter Twenty-one; Augsburg Seminary

Chapter Twenty-two; Willmar, Minnesota

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